Apple WWDC 2016 Live Event Full Keynote

Live youtube streaming of Apples Worldwide Developer Conference. Expected –
OS X 11
iOS 10
watchOS 2
Apple Music’s first revamp/update

Expected hardware –
Updates to the Macbook Line up
Updates to the Apple Watch (Possibly)

Watch OS: 7:50
TV OS: 27:00
OS X/Mac OS: 34:45
iOS: 48:57
Homekit (part of iOS): 1:17:30
iMessages (part of iOS): 1:23:33
Privacy: 1:39:34
Swift: 1:43:57


24 thoughts on “Apple WWDC 2016 Live Event Full Keynote”

  1. If you take look at the Apple product presentations when Steve Jobs was still alive, this one is just ridiculous in comparison to back then.
    There was new technology, pure creativness and innovation everywhere.

    Today: "Yeah and we added Minni to the watch."
    Fuck Minni. Fuck Apple. Where's the innovation?

  2. Dear Apple, Every time when you announce an iOS ( 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 not to mention the "S" series ) you act like this is the first time you are launching an OS.. and you make us think this time it will be completely different and we keep believing. The fact is After 10 years you still give us the same OS? Press and hold menu you call them 3d touch and you want us to be excited because now iOS can control a torch light? You giving us video messaging option with ink touch which is already out there!! You are getting rid of the universal 3mm jack and calling it a change, but in 10 years you couldn't change your own OS!! Please dont say that its all happening because Steve Jobs is dead and He is Apple it self and Tim Cook is more like a production boy Serving a cake which was cooked by Steve Jobs.

  3. Say what you want about Apple products or the company itself, but they have a very elegant way of demonstrating new products and features. I like watching these even though I don't own any Apple stuff

  4. So I Just watched the WWDC16 on Youtube & Apple is encourging young devlopers to change the world. Apps arent gonna make the world a better place, its peolpe who make the world what it is today we gotta stop killing eachother and ignorewhats going on in the world these devices like iPhone for example dosen't help this world it henders it cause we dont know how to interract with eachother anymore its all about lookin whats on your phone not whats around you i'm not shitting on Apple i got 5 iDevices myslef but i still interract with people and and have coversations not just texting all the time if young devlopers to make the world a better place they should make an app where your iPhone or what whatever iDevice u own goes to sleep for a whole day that way u can interact with people around u insted of bein on your mac at starbucks or looking down at your iPhone or iPad all day to me that's making the world a better place

  5. And so this is called a new OS ? LOL ! Hey Apple ! Features does not equal OS !!

    Let me list all WTF from Apple and its recent OS :
    – what's new about the kernel ? don't know or don't care ?!
    – what about the security ? a so secured system that we cannot dtrace apps ?!
    – what about the so old BSD subsystem ? why staying at these old version while you (Apple) support Macports which contains recent versions ?
    — Bash v3.2.57 => Bash v4.4.0
    — OpenSSL 0.9.8zh => LibreSSL 2.4.1
    — Sudo 1.7.10p9 => Sudo 1.8.16
    — OpenSSH_6.9p1, LibreSSL 2.1.8 => OpenSSH_7.2p1, LibreSSL 2.3.4
    – nothing to manage incoming connection ?
    – nothing to close Apps in Exposé mode
    – no ARP/Ether level protection ?
    – why is there nothing to really switch isight/webcam ?
    – why is there nothing to set "offline mode" ?
    – what about the windows management ?… why there is nothing to set windows in tile ? no windows place management ?!
    – what the fuck is the problem with Apple to develop a new OS based only in new Apps ? In what the Pages' tab made macOS Sierra a new OS ??

    I'm sure new Apple laptops won't have battery life upgrade, proud of his 12h – battery-life of MacBook Air while Lenovo X260 has battery life upto 21h (under Windows…)

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