Apple iPhone SE Official Introduction Keynote | 21.March.2016

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Apple has just announced the iPhone SE, a new 4-inch smartphone that offers a smaller and cheaper option to the company’s flagship iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It’s like a mix between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 generations of devices, taking the size and design of one and the latest specs and capabilities of the other. Apple calls the iPhone SE “the most powerful 4-inch smartphone ever.”

At the heart of the iPhone SE is the 64-bit Apple A9 processor together with the embedded M9 motion co-processor, the same as the iPhone 6S. That means it can play games just as brilliantly as Apple’s current flagship, plus it supports hands-free “Hey Siri” prompting. The camera is also carried over from the 6S, it’s the same 12-megapixel iSight camera with a dual-tone flash and the ability to shoot Live Photos and 4K video.

Compared to the iPhone 5S that precedes the new SE at the 4-inch size, Apple’s new smartphone has faster LTE, faster Wi-Fi (802.11ac), better battery life, new microphones, and the significant addition of Apple Pay support. Having sold 30 million 4-inch iPhones in 2015, Apple clearly considers this an important market that it needed to address with its latest specs and capabilities and that’s what the iPhone SE aims to achieve.

“Many, many customers have asked for this,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook during Apple’s launch event. “And I think they’re going to love it.”

The new iPhone SE starts at $399 with 16GB of storage and maxes out at $499 with 64GB. It’ll be available in gold and rose gold colors alongside more traditional light and dark options. Preorders begin on March 24th and the phone will be available on March 31st. The iPhone SE will be in more than 100 countries by the end of May.


48 thoughts on “Apple iPhone SE Official Introduction Keynote | 21.March.2016”

  1. When mobile cell phones first came out, they were huge. Over time there was a competition to make phones smaller. Then Apple brings out the iPhone 6, which was huge. Either you want a phone or a tablet? I still have my iPhone 5 and it's great, nothing wrong with it. The 5s is also good at turning lengthways to read emails with it being a tad longer.

  2. Apple straight up ripped off samsung pay lol those savages cant stop stealing other companies ideas haha. My only issue is that my upgrade is tommorow, the day the se comes out, and i dont want uneducated clueless cavemen with their nasty samsungs be like "lol y u pay 400 for a 5s?" bitch please. and i need a protective case but it will be a while until companies come out with a se case. im assuming its called that because with every advancement with the phones, they add a number, but since the design took a leap back they took out the 5 in the "5s" and added a cool number. I better see an iphone 8 by september like usual cause these apple doods are cray lololololol

  3. Essentially, this is an upgrade targetted to those who have the 5S, who need an upgrade in performance, but never experienced a larger screen phone for a while. I'm sorry, but a 6 and 6S user… I think it is a downgrade to go to SE. I didn't like the larger screen but once I've had my 6S and enjoyed a larger screen for gaming, I can't go back to an SE.

  4. Ce qui serait bien pour les iPhones, c'est un nouveau design, ils sont magnifiques c'est le cas de dire, mais changer. 🙂 Et aussi, très important! La batterie…. J'espère que la batterie a été changée !

  5. Apple man sucks not even a single effort on iPhone SE just iPhone 5s design and iPhone 6s feature without 3D Touch also but the price 399 for just 16GB version plzzzzzz grow  and its 2016 we don't want 16GB as base model we 32GB!!!

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