Announcement of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences every year awards the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry. The press conference is held at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on Wednesday, 4 October, 2017.

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7 thoughts on “Announcement of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017”

  1. Humanity rejoice!
    These three brilliant researchers have opened a window to life’s molecules and processes so we can treat and cure many diseases and improve our Health.
    They deserve our gratitude and respect!

  2. Ir is not clear that Physics and Chemistry being different subjects which are having different entities can be combined in one for the declaration of Nobel Prize 2017 in Chemistry? It is nothing important in Chemistry if Physics involvement is more than 99% for the invention for the development of the esteemed microscope which enabled the Nobel Laureates 2017 to see something of the molecule of water in the form of 3D life? Can someone explain??

  3. I have a question a cell can never be an atom, so riddle me this then astrophysicist and Nobel laureate Prize winners. How do you turn a cell into the first ever visible atom. PPhhoooottt!!

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