Angry people vs dirtbike compilation 2016

angry people vs dirt bike compilation 2016
videos from: 1.Jonas Maier 2.RanzRaider’z 3.KOORC Let’s GO! 4. its my video


37 thoughts on “Angry people vs dirtbike compilation 2016”

  1. Why in the hell do you put this shit on here when you let a prick push you around knowing he had no right to touch you or assault you by grabbing you and making you fall and then let him steel your helmet and set there like a scared little animal don't put dumb shit on youtube showing the world how big a chicken you are no one cares you fill me

  2. bunch of sissies driving dirt bikes it suits you cunts…. 3 of you and cant handle one guy lol….. Idiots…. especially with helmet on.

  3. Been watching tons "mad people vs bikers" and It usually does involve the following.
    1. An angry farmer who is pissed that bikes are tearing up the property.
    2. A few inconsiderate kids on bikes going where they have no right to be riding.
    While I love watching the reactions, why would you be riding dirt bikes on someone elses property without permission? I'm from MS and know many farmers that openly shoot ANYTHING (Deer, coons, trucks, thieves, hogs, ANYTHING) that they see unwanted on their farmland (and its completely legal to do so). So kudos, to you for actually admitting your fault and making it right with the farmer. And good luck to all the hoodlums that will be shot in the future (BTW not many people do that shit in MS, not to mention there is always a good place to ride other than someone else farm land…). I love bikes and farmers, yet do neither so hopefully my opinion is truly un-biased.

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