Angels Fish Kittens 2017-03-12

by Kitten Academy

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  • Duration: 19:16
  • Date & time added: 2017-03-13 02:52:47
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35 thoughts on “Angels Fish Kittens 2017-03-12”

  1. Watching the live stream just now, Halibut almost was the first to escape the box! half way over, had a look and decided against it though.
    Who do you think will be first to 'escape' the box? ….Ill stcik with Halibut. 🙂

  2. With the big snow storm approaching the North East, where I live, I know that there are mother cats in NYC who are trying to keep their kittens safe, warm and fed. If they are really lucky, the found a warm basement and some one provides clean water and food for mum. But there are many mother cats who are not so lucky.

    I am thankful that you are providing mother cats with a safe place to raise their kittens. They have wholesome food, clean water, a litter box, and a feeling of safety for their kittens so that all they need to do is keep their kittens fed and clean.

    Thank you!

  3. For all the people who think Mr A disturbs Angel
    Actually, he respects the kittens, and only goes in to feed angel and live stream her for a bit. Mr. A never disturbs Angel, seeing as he only films the kittens. And as you can see on the real stream, she's resting most of the day. He doesn't annoy angel in anyway, she doesn't hiss or spit at him when he comes to either give her food or see the kittens. It's not like he lives in the room forever. He chooses to live stream this for us, and he puts his money and effort into this so these kittens get adopted.

    Geez, you people, these aren't even your kittens. So, next time you think he annoys her, ask yourself,

    How would I know?

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