Angels Fish Kittens 2017-03-10

by Kitten Academy

We love video with animals! Whether you’re interested in cute little puppies or strong and fearsome predators, this is the place for you! This video has received an amount of 789 likes and with your help it can get even more! Enjoy!

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38 thoughts on “Angels Fish Kittens 2017-03-10”

  1. Once, not too long ago, I saw three litters of puppies at a Labrador breeder's house. Two of the mothers had given birth within a day of each other, and one had given birth about a week later. The first two mothers were nervous. Some one had to sit with them so that the puppies could nurse. One mother was attentive yet relaxed. So much so, that her puppies were larger than the puppies born 7 days earlier. Two of the puppies from the other mothers were with the more relaxed mother because they were not thriving. This more relaxed mother took them in can cared for them, giving her a total of 9 puppies to care for. What a difference good mothering made!

    I think Angel is a wonderful mother. These kittens are clearly thriving!

    Now, if only I could stop watching them, maybe I'd get something done!

  2. Hey, it's Ben Lewis here and I've been subscribed to your channel for a while now. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your videos and the work you do. I'm a pediatric psychiatrist working here in Edinburgh, Scotland and I showed one of my patients your videos. She's a young girl who loves animals and cats especially. I can't say too much because of confidentiality but every session we have, we'll converse for a bit and secretly watch some of your uploads. She genuinely adores your channel just as much as I do. We've yet to catch up on ALL of your videos but it's a work in progress. She wanted your channel name so I gave it to her and her website. We met up earlier today and both became excited at seeing this upload. Ever since we started watching your videos after our sessions her smiles have been at brighter and I can't thank you enough for this. Even my tougher patients enjoy watching your videos. I hope you have a fantastic day and keep up the great work.

  3. aawww! I had that kind of baby on my foster home, she was so cute and I was so afraid about her! now she is almost 2 and is in her forever home with great family. Such an amazing experience

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