Amir’s special update on the September 23 sign, Sept. 23, 2017.

Amir gives an update from Israel on the Sept. 23 sign and current events in light of Bible prophecy.

by Behold Israel

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22 thoughts on “Amir’s special update on the September 23 sign, Sept. 23, 2017.”

  1. So Amir here comes from Galilee. Being caught up did not happen, yet. So it is about to happen, pending implementation. Upon the very implementation of being caught up Amir, we will hear 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 happen. A world wide event, selecting people from all nations and from all tongues. God gave man accuracy, in turn He retains precision. God wanted man to come very close as to when being caught up will happen, but as to the exact day, it is His contribution. We come 50, He comes 50, hence We meet half way. Man is for accuracy, God is for precision. Accuracy and precision. We need to beseech Him first, then He responds. We beseeched Him at Yom Teruah's Tekiah Gedolah, then we extended beseeching Him at Yom Kippur. Now, it's His turn. Man is now on the waiting end. Better not to play the precision part, since that is His. Only accuracy is allowed for man.

  2. I think Amir is mistaken about "one shall be taken, one shall be left", as relating to the Rapture. Jesus was speaking to Israel. Matthew 24 is key. This happens at the end of the tribulation. We have to remember to know who Jesus was talking to in order to understand that this event happens AFTER the Rapture.

  3. Do you understand the parable of the watchman and the Shephard. That is what has happened here. Please understand the watchmans job is different than the Shephards job. Please watch the watchman and the Shepard parable available on YouTube.

  4. As I understood that date was only the date that the "sign" happened…only the secular people who dont understand thought we were setting the actual date of the rapture. The sign did appear so prophecy was fulfilled on September 23rd.

  5. The reason I didn't buy into the 23rd rapture theory is that all parts did not align or sync with the Bible. You have to test these theories and research things for yourself. Don't take other people's opinions and in some cases lies as the truth.

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