American Girl Doll Grace Thomas Bakery ~GOTY 2015~ Opening, Review, Set up! HD WATCH IN HD!

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I am extremely grateful that Grace’s whole world collection has (finally) arrived. Here is the first video of a whole bunch of videos I will be making of Grace and her whole collection. What better way to start off than with her big ticket item. Grace’s bakery is an amazing piece and I hope that in this video I show you everything that you want/need to know about it. I was able to get Grace’s whole world collection because I had a gift card that I had been saving to use for her release so any “hate/spoiled” comments will just go into spam and will be deleted and you will be blocked. I appreciate everything that I get and I’m so grateful to have these items 🙂 This is an opening/review and because it is a review I show and describe the item and say what I think about it. Sometimes when you order off the website or get the item from the store you don’t know what it’s like until you open it and so I hope this video is helpful for you to get a closer look at the item so you can decide if it’s worth purchasing or not!
On a side note Grace’s Bakery does not ship Internationally and so thank you so much to the people that made it possible. I am extremely grateful to you 😀
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