*ALL TIME BEST* SJW Trump Cringe Compilation Feminism/SJW cringe 2017 HD

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Thank you for watching! More Cringe coming soon donald trump protesters fight, donald trump protesters get owned, donald trump protesters play mexican …


35 thoughts on “*ALL TIME BEST* SJW Trump Cringe Compilation Feminism/SJW cringe 2017 HD”

  1. How about we put leftists on one side of the world and the rights on the other and see who is more successful, bet the rights do the best and the leftists end up killing each other.

  2. I really just want ONE video where the protesters or person being ridiculous and losing the argument would just be like "well shit, I guess you got me! Good defense!" and then go home and get motivated to do more research to form more legit arguments

  3. I don't even understand the first two black dudes. The one on the right didn't get "owned". He simply, and eloquently I might add, answered the question. The one on the right was just changing the topic.

  4. Jennifer Lawrence quite possibly made the most on American Hustle for her time put in than any of the actors, and if anyone was shortchanged it was Amy Adams. Gender wage gap or negotiation or experience or star power? "Lawrence worked 19 days and was paid $1.25 million for her work on American Hustle, in addition to receiving $250,000 in deferred compensation. She was also given seven points in profit participation.

    Meanwhile, Christian Bale worked 45 days for $2.5 million upfront and nine points, while Bradley Cooper worked 46 days for $2.5 million and nine points.

    Amy Adams, who worked 45 days on the film, received $1.25 million and seven points, according to Deadline’s Mike Fleming, who concludes, “if anyone has a beef, it would be her.”

  5. I also grew up in the middle east for couple of years, its shitty, hot and full of sand, and on top of that, they hate us and they kill us, we lived in a compound that was heavily protected by the local government special forces, which is not that special anyways.
    the correct word for it is, Al-salam alikum, she said balka malikum, like wtf was that shit.

  6. Look at the type of people on the left side and the way they act. Have you ever tried to explain something to a 20yo college kid? You can't. Even when presented with solid facts, they will claim some made up bullshit about feelings or just try to insult you. The riot police have it right, pepper spray and take them down.

  7. Why does anyone bother going on the Young Turks show?? All that fat fucking moron does is interrupt anyone providing a valid point or argument to the discussion at hand…

  8. 36:00….. so where does it end? i'm 1000% serious in a business meeting. I say " Refer to me as " big cock" only please. Thank you. Who can stop me? I Identify as a big cocked man, so call me big cock. Now what?

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