Akhal-Teke the most Beautiful stallion -horse in the World 2016

Akhal-Teke “Heavenly Horse” is one of the most beautiful and oldest equine breeds in the world that flows directly from the Turkmen horse. This breed was created by the Teke tribe that lived in the oasis where Turkmenistan is a national symbol.


22 thoughts on “Akhal-Teke the most Beautiful stallion -horse in the World 2016”

  1. Horses are beautiful but they die VERY quickly because when they race they may die…. and that's not fun… Think how lucky we are we don't get that treatment

  2. No horse has ever been ugly for me – and although this one is far from ugly, and the colour is amazing, i have to open myself now for comment and say: Are these horses starved or are their conformation just funny?

  3. I just realized this horse has no mane; I wonder if that is characteristic of the breed or just the way they are shown, like draft horses have their tails docked due to the demands of harness.

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