19 thoughts on “‘Adorable Kittens and Cute Mother Cats’ Compilation 2015 – FunnyTV”

  1. I cried halfway through this video because early spring of this year one of my cats had a litter of kittens she had five kittens one of them died and I was heartbroken because that one was different from all the others we called him the alpha kitten now when I see a litter of kittens it reminds me and the mama died too

  2. I wish I had let my two cats have at least one litter of kittens. I realize why people spay and neuter animals, but I can't help feeling like it's once again trying to control nature. Keeping them in my house to keep them "safe" feels like I am a warden. Cats love the outside and they love to explore. The cost of freedom is the chance you might die. As humans we give up personal freedoms every day so that we feel safer. I let my cats go outside in the mornings, but it makes me a nervous wreck. They spend the rest of the time sitting in the window longing to be free.

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