29 thoughts on “Adele o2 Proposal 15th March 2016”

  1. Haha lots of people calling her fat down here, i just know her reaction would be
    "fuck you, you skinny twat" love adele. XD

  2. Hi, my names Catherine (it actually is lol) and I'd like your permission to watch this video on my laptop with your permission. You can watch my videos on my channel in return. :)

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  4. Hi "Osman"…you don't need Cath's permission to report her to her community, or the authorities. While yes, she was abused, she MADE DECISIONS OVER AND OVER to abuse, TORTURE, over the course of YEARS, others who NEVER HURT HER, BUT ACTUALLY FELT SORRY FOR HER when they knew her as children. Having attachment disorder as a kid doesnt let you off the hook from seeking help to stop your DANGEROUSLY ANTISOCIAL behavior as an adult.

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