Abraham Hicks 2016 – So much of what you want is on it’s way (new)

Abraham Hicks 2016 Newest workshop excerpts: San Francisco, CA February 14th, 2016
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16 thoughts on “Abraham Hicks 2016 – So much of what you want is on it’s way (new)”

  1. how can i practically stay in the vortex for a long time ?? staying focused, meditate, be happy and appreciative etc..what are your daily routines for doing this ?? can someone share this with me in a more concrete way?? thank you so much

  2. The thing that took me longest to overcome is reprogramming myself from what I was taught as a child. Isn't it wild how EVERYTHING we were taught about the world in school about how the Universe works was WRONG…TOTALLY. WRONG!

  3. thank you Abraham! I love you ! You have helped me so much and I am so glad I was lead to you. And thank you Esther for being the vehicle of transmission!

  4. Wow! Wonderful to hear part 2 of the women wanting 100,000 dollars (so to speak). So what do I want to do on my journey to the fulfillment of my desire? It's a sure thing so I can relax and have fun on the way to it. Thank you!

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