7 Games Xbox One Finally Gets in 2016 – Rocket League, DayZ, Ark Survival Evolved

7 Games Xbox One Finally Gets in 2016: Waiting for a game is hard at the best of times, harder still when it’s already out on PC or another console. But the wait is almost over for DayZ, Ark Survival Evolved, Rocket League and these others on Xbox One. Subscribe! http://www.tinyurl.com/SubToOxbox

Rocket League is the correct answer to the question “what would happen if you could play football with cars” and is as as frantic and hilarious as it sounds.

Already a smash hit on Steam and PS4, Rocket League comes to Xbox One in February and will include special cars themed around the most appropriate xbox exclusive series for a driving game, Forza. No, wait. Gears of War and Halo. Much better.

Or how about The Banner Saga? That originally came out in early 2014, but will finally be arriving on Xbox One on 12 January 2016.

It’s a turn-based RPG about vikings so we’re on board already, but it has a particular emphasis on your party as a whole, and the decisions you’ll have to make to keep them safe.

Conversations have meaning, decisions have weight, and the game encourages you to live with the consequences of your actions – kind of like a Telltale adventure, only with horned helmets and greatswords.

Then there’s Gone Home, Ark: Survival Evolved, Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally and DayZ rounding out the roster of games Xbox One coming out in 2016 at last.

Which games are you looking forward to? Let us know which you’ve been waiting for in the comments, if you would.

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