$500 Car Challenge 2016 (Part 1 of 3)

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All cars have a “scrap” value of a few hundred dollars, so for someone to sell you a working car for just over that, the expectations cant be too high. The fun factor is incredibly high though. Join Rob, Rob, and David for three days of arguably legal fun in the state of Florida.

Location – The FIRM Florida International Rally and Motorsports Park

Filming credits: Will and Sav from IMV films

If you haven’t seen the previous cheap car challenges watch this playlist.

Part 2 – https://youtu.be/3PUs5_4WJJo
Part 3 – https://youtu.be/GfeFd6V1xkU

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27 thoughts on “$500 Car Challenge 2016 (Part 1 of 3)”

  1. The "missing" pieces at the back of the Cady were plastic fill-ins. The sun dries them out and they crumble away. GM had their heads up their asses when they did it.

  2. Okay i have and answer for RD on his Cadillac at 4:00. Growing up, my dad drove a 79 coupe Devill and his the section between the bumper and body was missing on his also. There's a VERYannoying issue with that "gap" between the bumper and body where it was filled with a type of plastic painted to match the color of the car. Those inserts would dry rot and break away, leaving that huge gap. We replaced it 4 times lol, all 4 times within a year or so, dry rotted again and broke away. So that gap is definitely not by design lol, just a major flaw in that generations cadillac rear end.

  3. My god, if those cars were found on British roads, they'd be crushed by the Police, and deservedly so!! So you were driving uninsured vehicles on the road? What if you had an accident, you sir, are a self centered arsehole!!

  4. driving around in a beater with fictitious plates is the dumbest thing you can do. If it quits and someone bumps into you what are you going to do when the cops come? In some states the plate charge is a felony. Cops are naturally attracted to beat up cars. They like to run the plates because often doing this turns up a hit on something.

  5. The Cadillac is a '79 Sedan Deville, not a 78 Seville. The spaces at the rear originally had these plastic fillers, that always dried out, broke, and went bye bye. I had this problem with an 83, but found a guy in New Jersey who had new ones, better than the original one. The color does suck, but I have seen worse. It came with a great 425 4Bbl V8. Still a very good looking year.

  6. Regarding the missing bumper parts on the Cadillac.  They degraded and fell off.  I have seen many like that.  I drove my sisters 78 Cadillac Seville.  It was a smooth ride at 90mph even with 150k miles on it.

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