28 thoughts on “4AM! Ear wax removal, January 15 2017. Gross!”

  1. Every couple weeks in the shower I just stand at the perfect angle and let a jet of hot water from the shower head shoot into my ear. I do it for about a minute on each ear. I figure this is the best way to break up any wax and force it out.

  2. use hydrogen peroxide and a desoldering bulb. Hydrogen peroxide is all that is in the ear wax kits and a desoldering bulb holds more water so you do not have to fill up the bulb as many times with water. I have same problem only with my left ear. Need to clean it out about once a year.

  3. Yes I would use sterile water. I kinda figured if you have to use it in a Nettie Pot then it should be used in the ear wax removal process as well, if nothing else then to be on the safe side anyway.

  4. +George Walters I've seen tons of people with built up earwax that they get removed. I was wondering is there a way to tell if you have chunks or impacted ear wax? my mom can't hear anything anymore and I think hers need to be checked, but I'd love mine to be checked too.

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