360 video: Wray, CO Tornado 5-7-2016

[slightly] higher def version of this video here:

A rare 360 degree view of a tornado just north of Wray, CO on 5/7/2016. This is the first of such a video for team Project:Chase360! Note: we will always work towards improving quality and resolution of our videos. This is but the beginning…

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22 thoughts on “360 video: Wray, CO Tornado 5-7-2016”

  1. In the future we will watch all tornado & storm-chasing videos from the outside of the vehicle.
    Most importantly, we won't hear that one guy the chase crews always have.. you know the one.
    (they come in a couple of varieties e.g. Annoying Spastic Retard & Know-it-all Dudebro Who's Bad Advice to Driver Would Get Them Killed being the most common)

  2. I have never seen this kind of a video before. I really enjoyed it. The more you work with it the better it will get. It was not so long ago that people considered it a luxury to make a vhs recording of a birthday party. Thank you for sharing this with people like me who don't have the opportunity to do such things.

  3. Very neat idea. I hope the quality of the 360 video can be increased as higher resolutions barely change the outcome. Either way, I'm glad you did it. I get to check out the clouds and everyone's reactions whilst the cyclone develops and changes. I'm surprised how calm and focused everyone looks.

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