3 Easy Hairstyles 2016 (Medium-Long Hair)

3 Easy Hairstyles 2016 For Men (Medium-long hair). In this video im showing how you can achieve 3 different hairstyles with 1 haircut (Undercut). Pomp, TopKnot & a Messy Sidepart. Hope you like it!

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3 Easy Hairstyles 2016 (For Long Hair)

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42 thoughts on “3 Easy Hairstyles 2016 (Medium-Long Hair)”

  1. I usually wear the "Full man bun'', but if I wanted to wear the Top Knot, I would shave everything on the sides. Literally every hair on the sides ! BTW cool video :)

  2. En mexico puedo comprar una buena marca de "Wax"?
    Lo que pasa es que tengo el cabello rubio y bastante delgado (lasio) asi que necesito algo que le de volumen, lo seque y al mismo tiempo sea manejable… alguna marca que me puedas recomendar? Saludos

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