25 Movies That Will Kick Ass In 2017

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39 thoughts on “25 Movies That Will Kick Ass In 2017”

  1. They all look like there directed by the same director because there all using digital camera's! boring, hopefully Ridley Scott will turn out a film worth watching with Alien: Covenant

  2. My nigga Logan was the shit and the best movie of 2017 fuck yeah g Hugh jackman will be missed as wolverine man the feels made a nigga tear up a little bit my black ass can't dont that in the hood an mean

  3. Ghost in the Shell "The story is stuff of sci-fi dreams." LOL more like wet dreams.
    Side note I'm glad they got a bad ass Aquaman in the DC movie. I know people rag on him a lot but I actually loved the FUCK out of the Justice League TV show version of Aquaman. Being the bad ass king of Atlantis he survives an assassination attempt, only to go back to his home to find his half brother has seized power in a coup, and is plotting both the destruction of the surface world along with Aquaman's murder hence the assassins and the murder of his newborn son. After being subjected to magical underwater lightening fire from his half brothers stolen magic trident, he awakes to find himself and his new born restrained to a rock. The successor then tosses them both into an underwater volcanic vent and Aquaman carves off his own hand to save himself and his son. He only hours later undergoes reconstructive surgery and gets a massive serrated harpoon fused to his arm at the wrist. With vengeance in his heart he follows his half brother to Arctic where a secret ice melting device was created to drown the rest of the world. He murders his way past the disloyal guards who are pledged to his half brother with the help of the JL, and saves the whole planet from infinite high tide.

  4. Right, ok…I'm gonna say it;

    As much as I love Idris Elba (I actually think he's really great)…it is my opinion that when a film is made based on a (very) well-loved series of books, you should always do your absolute best to make the main character as close to the book version as possible.

    And the one and only Roland Deschain is described as being a cross between Clint Eastwood and Stephen King. Not Stringer Bell.

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