218mph “Big Bertha” Hayabusa Feature

“Big Bertha” nitrous Hayabusa full feature video! We’re very excited to announce this will be the first of many TRC bike and car feature videos in 2016. These features will take you up close and personal with the cars/bikes and their owners. Please like/share to help spread the word and leave a comment below on what you would like to see featured next! Thanks for watching!


49 thoughts on “218mph “Big Bertha” Hayabusa Feature”

  1. Haha, are we all in agreement that this dude is certifiably nuts? Cool as all get out, but he makes "One flew over the cuckoos nest" seem like functioning idiots. Talk about never going to be satisfied with anything ever when he reaches that age that he wants to finally hang up the bike keys. What does he replace this excitement with? Maybe wingwalkig the infamous SR-71. Just goes to show you that his balls he carries in the back of his minivan can somehow be safely stowed in the small storage compartment of that rocket. This feat is possibly magic. (The preceding comment was fully complimentary, it just comes from an envious fella who wishes he could bring up enough nerve to travel at half the speed this gentleman travels on the regular.)

  2. lots of money for fast bike,too bad you don`t save another $200 for a jacket so IF you wipe out ,they can identify you inside your jacket!
    Ride it like you stole it.

  3. hey isnt that strapped front suspension would make your suspension hardly move? and that would be so dangerous when you go fast and hit uneven road or something,….your front would be wobbly in no sec after hitting something like that…

  4. Dear friend, that exhaust tip is this, and this pipe titanium? I could pass me if any other bike model, because in the Yoshimura website has no choice of anything on titanium for Hayabusa. Wait. Mombergue

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