2018 Toyota Camry First Look: 2017 Detroit Auto Show

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Toyota is challenging the perception of what its midsize sedan should be, ditching the Camry’s reputation for reliability in favor of something more riveting.


28 thoughts on “2018 Toyota Camry First Look: 2017 Detroit Auto Show”

  1. looks like a great car, AutoGuide.com I cant wait for a comparison test between it and the latest hybrid segment entries to date, I'd love to see it compared with the new sonata, optima, accord, altima and the rest to see how would all of them stack up.

  2. Wow, that is a good looking sedan… never would I've thought I'd want a Camry for the looks. Especially looking at the latest Prius I thought Toyota lost their minds because that is one FUGLY car. Even though they obviously share similar design this Camry looks GOOD and I think it's one of the best looking sedans for 2017.

  3. go for Harley Davidson heritage springer softail much much more better! Piece of art! Fully chrome n metal bikes! ..why? coz most cars tday's front n tail lights are made of plastics! ..what a shame!

  4. 0:15. What DUMBASS wrote this???? Toyota is NOT hoping to ditch its reputation for reliability in any way whatsoever. You ought to lose subscribers just from that vomit of a statement alone!!! Better yet, Toyota should sue you for such slander.

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