2017 Year in Review

2017 has been an amazing year for PragerU and America. Thank you for making it such a success! But there is much more to be done. Watch this short video to find out more. Donate today to PragerU!…

by PragerU

Educating people through the internet can sometimes be a great way of educating a great number of people from different places around the… Globe. 76602 claims that this video is quite educative and an 4837  amount of people agree with him, based on their likes. What’s your opinion?

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27 thoughts on “2017 Year in Review”

  1. I learned about your lawsuit from Youtuber Law. One thing that might help your case is the fact that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are virtual monopolies, and hence the equivalent of a public forum with their vast audience. These social media giants have the dangerous power to influence the whole society, and should therefore allow the expression of differing views. Legal technicalities don't always apply in real world practice!

  2. 2017 was hot garbage, like PragerU and their retarded sheep. 🙂

    You conservatives scum will never make a dot on the globe. Your pathetic "prominence" will always be limited to the virtual internet.

  3. "The right is always right" statement made me cringe really badly! The whole point of this channel is to challenge people's opinions on certain topics and make them shape their own opinions on certain things, independent of any political agenda!

  4. youtube is not only killing PragerU, but its also killing other youtubers that want to make money off vidoes. I believe that youtube is becoming corrupt and liberish (if thats a word). Ive seen some youtubers that have had their videos demonetized for basically nothing. no swearing, no inappropriate jokes, no pornography, etc. the list goes on.

  5. Everyone support support support look at your family look at your children look at the culture the pay your faith and What Makes You Who You Are does society reflect what's best for you and your family ? Look at Canada in other countries they have liberals and socialist ideas look at Sweden do you believe in equality for all regardless of sexual orientation or faith we have a God right to make a choice in life what direction to go do you want government and state taking that right away from you do you want to be forced into something you want no part of or have your children brainwashed to a system I has no faith has no science truth does not reflect your value and your way of life then wake up fight and support and educate let's get the true history out there the true facts that show patriotism let's look at the real heroes

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