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The Volkswagen Tiguan is spacious, good to drive and available with some strong and efficient engines. It is quite pricey, though. Read the full review at: …

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38 thoughts on “2017 Volkswagen Tiguan review | What Car?”

  1. I just got the new Tiguan 1.4 TSI DSG comfortline over a month ago. the ErgoActive seat it a nightmare 14 way to get so un comfort that make one wonder how can they miss the design so bad. you seat on a very thin padding that don't block the hard metal frame of the seal bottom. After 5 minutes of drive you start to feel pain in the legs due to the stiffness of the seat. you cannot drive more then 30-45 minutes without getting out of the car for a refreshing rest. I am so disappointed by this car. I will not buy VW or its group NEVER AGAIN

  2. Tested 2.0L version. Major Turbo lag. Very unfortunate as I loved the car. Did not buy for turbo lag being over the borderline dangerous/unpredictable.

  3. VW's are terribly unreliable and dealerships are the same. This car company sold out with it's dieselgate scandal and is now facing massive civil suits world wide. Don't buy a car from a company that lied about emissions.

  4. It is the same old song as before. Everybody;s friend, but not your best friend. Not much change, just a little here and there. The front design remind me on from Dacia Duster with the halve price of this VW with strong PR marketing.

  5. Hum … with the Q3 I don't think so, build quality is the same (Q3 plastics are exactly the same!) , and the technology on the Tiguan is higher, at least until the new Q3 comes around.

  6. I'm a vw driver. But this is not all that for 2017 the car is bigger then the last one yet not enough space for 3. In the back boot is big enough but they should of added the rear seats to be pushed back option.. The dials is digital not something I like. Plus just to hey few basic things in the car you would have to pay much more

  7. We have had the all new Tiguan for quite some time now (since the end of september), and we have had a lot of problems with it, i.e: sensor failure, technical failure where the car thinks it has crashed, left mirror randomly going all the way out, radio cutting out 24/7, the list goes on……

    Volkswagen said themselves that they don't have a fix for fixing some of the issues….. They used 1,5 month to fix the sensor failure, terrible.

  8. One major problem (design fault) with the latest Tiguan are the instruments .. the cowels around the stock vw golf/Passat instruments that the Tiguan has mean that unless it's a bright sunny day outside they r impossible to see. It's the reason that most testers are provided by vw with the LCD instruments even on lower Tiguan models … the dull red poorly illuminated indicator needles don't help in the dark as well … it's quite difficult to take a standard set of instruments and screw them up but vw gets 10/10 for doing it !

  9. I love VW. You get a lot of the German premium aura and interior quality without the price. They're more expensive to maintain than a Toyota, but they're not horrible like the German luxury brands where they rape you on maintenance.

  10. God, what car sort out your reviews this is a snore fest. he lost me at "it looks pretty much the same as the old one" …. Erm no it really doesnt. Mat watson on carwow does the best reviews

  11. Had two Tiguan's and loved them both. Not sure I like the new one. The biggest issue is rust. They are nearly as poor as British Leyland. 3yr paint warranty?! Had both rear tailgates repainted due to rust.

  12. We have had a 2.0ltr Tdi 150hp SEL model for 4 months now and 6000 miles. Feel like we have premium car which drives lovely, for much less than Discovery sport we were also looking at ( around 8K less with similar spec.) . Adaptive LED headlights, panoramic roof, apple connect are superb, interior is well equipped, spacious and comfortable with massage function on drivers seat – very nice!:-) Plenty of room for large teenage boys and dogs. Love the looks in White with chrome highlights. Get between 43-45 Mpg. I would recommend for anyone looking at this type of car to give one a test drive. A very good family car so far.

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