2017 Skoda Octavia – how have they made it even better? | Top 10s

Skoda have choses to update their already popular hatchback, the Octavia with a brand new facelift. However, things don’t just look new on the outside. Skoda …

by carwow

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49 thoughts on “2017 Skoda Octavia – how have they made it even better? | Top 10s”

  1. Skoda has this pattern of 1 good design followed by a crappy face-lift. They did the same with the Octavia II and the disgusting huge rounded headlights.
    To the designer: do prdele, ty vole!

  2. What an ugly looking car…
    Why would they spoil this badly the previous quite likable and pretty face.
    Only Fiat multipla and Ford scorpio 95-99 could compete to beat that ugly-ness…

  3. Why, why, why? Finally for a long time Škoda has some really fine desing on their cars. And then this face"lift". The head light doesnt fit anything else on the cars body. Its like badly tuned teenage car.
    If you really have to lift up the face, let the cars original designer do it. Not your nephew!

  4. Quick question. Is a similar face lift (face down actually ) on the cards for the superb as well ? If yes, then when can it be expected?
    I am from India and considering the current Superb and the yet to be launched VW Passat, which has been on its was to India since ages. Thank you.

  5. They were selling a lot Octavias so VW group decided to make them ugly as f..k to keep buyers away and turn them to buy more vw, seat ,audi.
    There is no other explanation.

  6. I own a DSG Octavia (2016) and I'm the biggest fan of this model you'll find but even I struggle to defend the design change on this. It's not only ugly, it's made the car look smaller.

  7. Dear carwow you named your video "2017 Skoda Octavia – how have they made it even better?" you should have named it HOW THEY RUINED IT! Look at the comments, the percentage of disgust is shockingly high! It's even worse than the new Ghostbusters!

  8. I watch this and I just see so much potential. Skoda have come a long way.

    But why don't they simply make it look better? No matter how good it is, it's never going to compete if you give it headlights like that. You must be joking if you think that look is acceptable alongside it's rivals. It's such an easy fix and it has the potential to take this car from ugly to a lot of people's shortlists in no time at all.

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