2017 Prophetic Outlook with Perry Stone, Cindy Jacobs, & Rich Vera

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Author : Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!
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Perry Stone, Rich Vera & Cindy Jacobs will share what’s next on God’s prophetic calendar concerning America, Israel and the world.

Perry Stone delivers a “right now” word for this year including current and coming events. You will also learn—What is a spiritual Manifesto? What is the Balaam Strategy? Has our Nation been given a Reprieve? What is the assignment of the United States?

Cindy Jacobs delivers the Word of the Lord for 2017 as given to the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders. You’ll also hear the complete “Prophetic Word of the Lord” as given to Cindy and the Elders, and read by Gezell Fleming from the hit movie “The War Room.”

Rich Vera received a specific word that this year, 2017, The Lord is releasing “The Law of Attraction” over His people. Specifically—this is the year of Long Awaited Breakthroughs and Unexpected Victories in the areas of family, salvations, relationships, healing and finances.


29 thoughts on “2017 Prophetic Outlook with Perry Stone, Cindy Jacobs, & Rich Vera”

  1. Please pray for my children robert and Christina to cleanse their hearts of anger and hate. Pray they will forgive and pull our family together again. In Jesus name!

  2. Correction please…President Trumps' Birthday is June 14, 1946. He was inaugurated on January 20, 2017 that makes in 70 years 7 months and 6 days old, not 7 days. I believe in the power of prayer, I believe in prophesy. As I study my word daily, God reminds me that He is the same, Yesterday, Today and Forever. God pricked the hearts of many kings in the days of Old to have favor with his people, look at Ezra and Nehemiah and so many others. I trust and believe God to do the same today! My FAITH and HOPE in in my Heavenly Father. I trust HIS PERFECT will, will be done. We are called to pray for one another and our Leaders. God is no respecter of persons and we shouldn't either. God is able to do exceedingly abundantly what we can ever dream or imagine. Joel 2 :28 The Lord says, " I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my spirit in those days.
    I thank my Lord for HIS Prophets of today that brings forth a true, genuine, authentic unchanged WORD FROM HIM. I trust GODS process.

  3. I would really like it if someone would please explain why it is believed that President Trump should be in office? If it is believed that God put him there, did God not put Obama in office 8 years ago? How can it be justified what President Trump has said and done? Would you not say he has caused much of the division you speak of? I'm really confused and would like someone to clear it up. I don't have to listen to the media, I just have to look and hear what he has said and done. Why is it believed that Trump is a good man, that he is actually a believer? and good for America. I do love Perry Stone, but I just can't see it. Please don't crucify me, just explain it to me.

  4. numbers 18 one the Lord now said to Aaron you your sons and your relatives from the tribe of Levi will be held responsible for any offense is related to The Sanctuary, But you and your son's alone will be held liable for violations connected with the priesthood

  5. It hurt in the part of When God told us in very early in the morning.. God is always doing that to me sometimes on midnight..but when I became lukewarm Even God is speaking to me Im ignoring Him..sorry Lord

  6. interesting fact October 1st 2017 will Mark 40 years since my grandfather passed away my very first memory in life was walking down the aisle to his casket and giving him a kiss on the cheek only to find out that I never attended the funeral I was only three Jesus is coming soon

  7. The cure for Alzheimer's is known ( and cancer, kindney failure etc) , way before what Vera says , he talks with a lack of knowledge and listens to the medical profession who do not have one cure for anything. GOD is revealing the truth of healing us through the food HE made using many doctors that have turned their backs on satans deception through the medical profession

  8. this IS the Year of Elijah, when the heart of the Father is for the children and the heart of the children is for the Father! Praise God!

  9. The Lord has put in my prayers about 8 months ago to pray witchcraft OFF our government, in every form
    In the Name of Christ Jesus and by the Blood of Christ Jesus –
    Today is March 6th, and He has been asking me for about 2 weeks now to Break OFF witchcraft from our Colleges and Media. curses,spells and demonic influences of all forms. In the Name of Christ Jesus and by the Blood of Christ Jesus , my Lord and my Savior. If you agree with this prayer, please agree with me and speak out Yes 🙂
    Praise Our Lord Christ Jesus, Messiah Yeshua. Hallelujah.

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