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Watch celebrities expose pizzagate and the child pedophilia that goes on in hollywood and washington



  1. Why can't he give their names? Look at all the women who came forward after decades and said Bill Cosby abused them. So why can't all these now grown adults come forward and expose these Hollyweird pedos. It's disgusting.

  2. Kory LOL. Knows jack. This doesn't prove anything. It's an accusation. This video is shit. Nothing was exposed. If he was so concerned about future child stars. he would of named names..He didn't ..If he did name names.. His royalties he gets every time any of his films are broadcasted on any network. Would be taken down.. and never showed again. And he'd be broke in 2 weeks since he lives off it. He can care less about whats going on. Stars will do what ever it takes to be in the lime light. And no one around them means anything. This little exposure was great..He's a wash out star.

  3. I'm so sorry that happened to all of you. I know that would screw up with you're head. stay strong believe, have faith and continue hoping all things will come to a head and they get dealt with.

  4. As a child 13 years old in San Francisco in the late 70s I experienced on numerous occasions I can't even tell you how many times I was approached by men who wanted to have sex with me, sometimes it would be subtle other times it would be in your face a guy stopping while you're on your paper route saying hey I will blank your blank for 25 bucks and you all alone are going very politely no thank you other times business men in suits trying to trick you to come to their home for gifts and the promise of other nice things it was despicable absolutely despicable behavior these sick animals are everywhere.

  5. NEW PIZZAGATE EVIDENCE ! Video of child being raped and hit many times in a shower with the voice of john podesta !! Youtube video name : John Podesta Beating a little Kid at a Heavy breathing show i cant paste the link from my phone just search this video name in youtube

    please share it only has 104,000 veiws and its VERY HARD to watch but it is what the liberals need to see to be aware that Podesta is a child rapist/ murderer on a mass scale, please LIKE my comment so it goes up to top so the people watching THIS video will go to the podesta one , this is the smoking gun podesta evidence we wanted , we have it now it needs
    to be shared , as hard as it is to watch if you cant watch it just listen , we need to be aware of these violent child rapists in high levels of
    power who have grouped together

  6. The Talmud ( and the Koran , one of the Jewish copy cat religions besides Zionism of coarse ) teaches pedofilia , and who owns Hollywood , and the world , these fucking polititions use pediophelia to insure your co -operation in times of dought and change of heart , that's what the secret societies are all about , human sacrifice and child rape and just rape period , for black mail purposes !( and those who just like to fuck crying little children of all types ) and there absolutely is HUGE KIDNAPPING NETWORKS ALL OVER THE GLOBE , and THE BIGGEST BRIGHTEST ARE INVOLVED PIZZA GATE IS REAL!!!

  7. I'm fifty years old, and I grew up watching these little guys!!! I heard about this a couple of years ago, and I believe it 100%!!! These kids are so brave to come out, and tell the truth, about what they've experienced!!! I have three kids and a grandson!!! After hearing these stories, (which I believe to be true), i would NEVER put my child in show-biz!!! What these poor little kids have to go through is beyond sick!!! IT'S SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE!!! The devil is working through his illuminati minions!!! MAY THE LORD GOD BE WITH THESE KIDS, AND KEEP THEM SAFE!!!

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