2017 NBA Finals FULL Mini-Movie | Warriors Defeat Cavaliers In 5 Games, 4-1

2017 Finals MVP Kevin Durant & 2X NBA Champion Stephen Curry lead the Golden State Warriors over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the 2017 NBA Finals. Watch an exclusive behind…

by NBA

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49 thoughts on “2017 NBA Finals FULL Mini-Movie | Warriors Defeat Cavaliers In 5 Games, 4-1”

  1. I was cavs fans, but i alrd know this series will belong to warriors no matter what .. I mean cmon man without KD this team almost win last finals and has best record in NBA and you put 2nd best player in the league (imo kd was 2nd best behind lebron) to this monster team. I was not surprising warriors win this finals, honestly i was surprising cavs didnt get swept in this series

  2. Fuck steph rat faced bitch ass curry, Fuck KD, fuck klay, fuck prick trash draymond. Fuck smug cocky spindly little bitch ass fuck Steve kerr. Fuck the Warriors. Warriors fans are pricks like the players themselves, if you're a warriors fan you have poor taste in basketball, and are probably ugly. Call me "bronsexual" whatever, Lebron is the greatest player in the world, plus he's a great guy morally, so why would you not root for Lebron? Because you're a contrarian prick. Cavs would have won without KD, they were playing against an unfair super team.Btw KD is actually almost 7'0 in shoes, he admitted to lying about his height. Which means the ability to shoot over almost any defender, and greater defense e.g. blocking guarding for the Warriors.

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  4. Okay no one say kyrie is better than curry on three kyrie never made a shit history on three well just one clutch in finals but curry already did that on finals so stop cavs fan dickrider stop it curry records for mose three and MVP kyrie got no mvp he isn't better plus curry made a trophy In the three point contest what about kyrie nothing no he can't beat curry on half court records still that's a three kyrie not even close to be better at that half court cuzzz its still a three steph made it to the finals Al's by himself in 2015 because his three point was good his three's are the only one protecting their games and kyrie he can't make it to finals by himself when LeBron was in Miami heat so no complain just don't curry already the better shooter than kyrie at three

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