2017 Marathon Prevost Coach Interior Tour ~ What A $2,500,000 RV Looks LIke

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Tinyhome.tour will be coming soon! It is one of my goals for the summer. I wanted to get this video posted and let you all know that we have about 10 of these …

41 thoughts on “2017 Marathon Prevost Coach Interior Tour ~ What A $2,500,000 RV Looks LIke”

  1. first of all who in the world can afford a 2,500,000 rv? someone can buy a mansion for that and also if I had this rv I would do something about the shower its a glass door soo anybody else in the rv can walk by the shower and see you I wouldn't have that in my rv unless there was something you could put over the door but most rvs ive seen insides of have it to where you have privacy not like this one where its a see through door and anyone else in the rv can see through the door other than that its a awesome rv no doubt, you can even get semi cabs now with big sleepers that have shower and toilet in them and alittle kitchen area

  2. After the first "It's so cool," I stopped counting.  Th repetitive use was very annoying.  This video would've been better presented in virtual.  Did she mention anything about how this uber expensive unit would handle condensation?

  3. Did not see much of the motorhome but a ton of her, which I could have done without. This video is poorly done. He kept focusing on her instead of showing us the coach. She did not know to much about the coach and acted like a young high school girl. She may be a nice girl but she was out of her element here. Not her fault.

  4. The thing with these I don't get is everything has a gloss finish and those damn LEDs in the ceiling… I can't stand either. Other than that, it's a really nice coach.

  5. 2.5million! must be for medona/the rolling stones cause who can afford that? its incredible I'll give it that but wow the payments , guess I can dream

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