2017 Maps of Meaning Lecture 3: Marionettes and Individuals (Part 2)

In this lecture, I continue with the analysis of the Disney film Pinocchio to illustrate the manner in which great mythological or archetypal themes inform and …

by Jordan B Peterson

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43 thoughts on “2017 Maps of Meaning Lecture 3: Marionettes and Individuals (Part 2)”

  1. When Pinocchio's nose grows the fairy does a well job defining the meaning: "A lie keeps growing and growing until it's as plain as the nose on your face." The bigger the lies get the more obvious it becomes.

  2. I could listen to Jordan Peterson talk about anything, but explanations of themes in movies are especially intriguing for me.
    I would love it if he did a Themes in Film class and posted it on youtube.

  3. My Orderliness and Conscientiousness goes off when I see people coming in late. They don't seem to go out if there way to get in on time. Go get a watch and get on a schedule.
    Great lecture though. Absolutely amazing.

  4. Strongulē is a fat Greek god. The active volcano off the north coast of Italy was named after Strongulē, this has slurred into Stromboli. So the volatile, fat god of the underworld (the puppet master) is pulling Pinocchio's strings, while not taking responsibility for this.

    Adam could be ultimately derived from Hebrew אדם ('adam)meaning "to be red".

  5. 1:29:00 Ghani can/should be blamed for this. He violence has many forms and this is one of them.

    It makes me think of Jesus saying he did not come to bring peace, he came to bring the sword. He was taking responsibility for the consequences of his actions. It does make him wrong but he chose to start the ball rolling.

  6. He got the modified tit for tat slightly wrong I think. In a book called evolution of cooperation it described the modified tit for tat as starting off as trusting each other and then when the other cheats (does wrong or whatever) you don't always hit back…sometimes you immediately forgive rather than hitting back and then forgiving (as he describes it). The reason for this is that if they're using a strategy similar to tit for tat with an occasional wack every now and then to get a few more points (whatever the evolutionary equivalent to points is) it results in immediately hitting back from both parties ad infinitum. If you're interested The Selfish gene by Richard Dawkins describes the whole process really well as well 🙂

  7. 44:40 Regarding being fooled by psychopaths. And how politeness can let people be swayed by arguments, even if they're twisted. This explains my unease when I read "Rules for Radicals! Man, that book, I couldn't get around how you could always manipulate people, but it would be the lower classes that ultimately suffered for it. Holy shit! So, could "Rules for Radicals" be a bit of a tutorial on how to use psychopathic tendencies in political campaigns?!

    Maybe I need to re read it? To make sure…

  8. Can someone answer this for me? He refers to a book and says to read it to see how horrible people can be but then he doesn't recommend it because its so disturbing. I cant find the part and I'm not even sure if its this lecture. Thank you!

  9. Wow, right there at the 20ish minute mark, it sounds like the answer for most of the problems in the schools and what will become society and how to fix them. Just that little chunk needs to be shared with the world.

  10. Interesting – I use the "procrastinate by doing another useful task" trick to get more done. It really improved my productivity, but now you make me wonder if there is some horrible price to pay…

  11. and while the professor explains that the bad behaviour you give in to will build yourself, and not to let the less challenging task take a hold on your brain, that student plays with her phone and continues eating and drinking. What a waste.

  12. 13:00 WHAT IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY REAL GOALS?? People are always talking about motivation and hard work and overcoming obstacles to reach goals but what if you genuinely just dont feel a need for anything specific? I have some small goals like strength training but it's a hobby that i pursue, it's not a dream or a life goal. outside of that i really just dont fucking know what i want at all

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