2017 London Chess Classic: Round 8

The final leg of the Grand Chess Tour pits ten of the world’s best players against each other in London. Catch the move-by-move with GMs Yasser Seirawan, Cristian Chirila, Maurice Ashley,…

by Saint Louis Chess Club

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30 thoughts on “2017 London Chess Classic: Round 8”

  1. Kasparov said that is the Recipe for being No 1!!!! He is just expressing “What IS” rather than portraying hypocritically that “nothing happened”. Anand once said, with experience he has get better at interviews but He feels like hitting his head to the wall so hard just when he reaches the room.

  2. Women dont have the same opportunities in chess because in womens tournaments the prizes are lower? There are no mens tournaments in chess. Feminism lacks imagination. Feminist never find faults in themselves. Always in the patriarchy.

    Men are better at chess because:

    1. Men want to compete more.
    2. Men are willing to work more in their profession.
    3. Men have bigger brains.

    Cries, complains or accusations dont change the facts.

  3. Does anyone know the name of the orchestral track at the very begining of this video? It only plays for about 45 seconds… and Shazam is not picking it up accurately! Would be eternally grateful if someone could discover! Thanks.

  4. There's a similar attitude between Carlsen and Kasparov when they lose. Simply put it, they are sore losers. Is it a bad thing? Not at all, I think to be champion you need this mindset. Still, people might see him more of a childish brat but it is totally understandable.

  5. Not sure why Christian gets any hate on here, I think all 4 are great at their roles.
    Maurice is on another level though, he's been a pro commentator for over 20 years.

    Nice to see Carlsen losing, it's always funny to see his childish behaviour afterwards, he can't help himself 🙂

  6. LOL Magnus @ 3:42:52. "You saw what happened". Umm, so should we cease all professional interviews from professional sports like the NBA and NFL after watching the game since "we saw what happened"? No point in interviewing athletes by Magnus logic. Let's just abandon all interviews after a sports event since "we saw what happened". Bad sportsmanship by the world championship. As usual.

  7. its so funny how all these players who are about to beat magnus keep looking at him like are you gonna resign, am i dreaming? nakamura did it alot last round. here ian looks at magnus around 3:37:49

  8. They need to get rid of Cristian Chirila and bring back Maurice Ashley for full time. Chirila is unpleasant and annoying. He's arrogant, pretentious, and dishonest. I can't stand his poor English, shifty mannerisms, and dishonesty in the way that he uses an engine for all the analysis but pretends like it's his own analysis. There is a reason people are calling in to applaud Yasser, Jen, and Maurice, but leaving out this guy.

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