2017 Honda Civic Type R: Regular Car Reviews

We drive the turbocharged VTEC Civic. Only took Honda 20 years to make this. It is superior to a Focus RS in every category except performance and handling! Raaaaggh Car Provided by FlyinGato…

by RegularCars

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30 thoughts on “2017 Honda Civic Type R: Regular Car Reviews”

  1. Why on earth would someone buy this when you can get V8 Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers and Chargers for similar prices but more performance, better looks and, in the Charger's case, a larger interior/trunk?

  2. My 2008 Acura RDX has a 2.3 liter turbo with VTEC…so this type R is definitely not the first with a turbo VTEC 😉 The RDX made way less power – 240 horsepower and 260 lb/ft torque – but I feel it put the power to the ground way better because of SH-AWD, with a 0-60 of about 6.5 seconds…and that's for nearly 4000 pound SUV. This Civic Type R makes 306 horsepower with 295 lb/ft torque, and does 0-60 in 5.5-6 seconds, depending on who you ask. For a 3,100 pound car, I felt it really should be much quicker – and the obvious reason is the FWD. Don't get me wrong – it's incredibly fast around a track, with great traction and all, but the RDX was a decent handler (obviously not as great at the Civic, but it was nearly as good as many sports sedans of the time), and was much more luxurious than the Type R, and made a better daily driver. The RDX was even priced slightly cheaper than the Type R is going for…you could get an RDX for $33K new back then, and the Type R is going for a base MSRP of about $35K. I sort of feel that the 2007-2012 gen RDX was the unofficial "Type R" of its time. If this Type R had SH-AWD…that would be incredible. But I also feel it would cannibalize into Acura's current lineup, since SH-AWD is "their thing" (although the current lineup needs to die and get a major revamp tho)

  3. Your commentary reminds me of the early days of AOL in car chat. Back when the channel host was still spanking it to his mom's JC Penny Catalog. The convo was many things….."what kind of naws do you you have? zex naws"…I have a Skyline GTR….I have an Integra Type R (not imported)….

  4. About the "defending" part I think I can explain some things at least about the engine heating part: It seems that the US and Europe version of the Type R have slightly different engine mapping with the US version coming with slightly less power than the EU version, also US is optimized for 95 RON while EU is optimised for 98 RON. As a side effect of this, EU version doesn't seem to really have a problem with overheating (it seems like US took the short straw on this). On the other side the gear grind problem might be global.

  5. Complainig about the lack of grip in below freezing tempetatures….? Why is the owner running summer tires in cold weather? RCR the reviews of anacdotal problems.

  6. I’d take the coupe Si over this. A little less body kit, better lines, better price. Not hating on the type r I think it’s great but for the price I’d be looking at different vehicles. Si is the best price/performance you can get with this new gen civic.

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