2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Prototype First Look – 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Honda fans, it’s time to get excited again, because the Civic Hatch has debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, and it looks so good.

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43 thoughts on “2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Prototype First Look – 2016 Geneva Motor Show”

  1. I wont be buying one unless the Si or the Type R comes with a 1.8L Turbo that comes with at least 250 hp. The Civic thats for sale now is at the 30K mark so I want my moneys worth.

  2. Bummer!!!! Looks like I am gonna have to go with Mazda 3! Dang!!! I was looking forward to switching my Honda Civic Hatchaback with a newer model Hatchback but this car looks very masculine and not at all for a 5' girlie me. :(

  3. so USA is suppose to get this sometime in 2016 November/December?

    i hope so. ive been holding out on buying the new civic because i wanted a hatchback.

  4. Wait for the basic model, Si or Type-R? Will see the prices. Manual for sure. Never owned a manual. Went to the dealership and was thinking about getting the coupe but I'm glad I didn't. Will wait for these baby, if it looks anything like this or better.

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