2017 Full Park Tour and Overview | 4K | Universal Studios Florida

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23 thoughts on “2017 Full Park Tour and Overview | 4K | Universal Studios Florida”

  1. my mom said I should go this sumer. lol. I think I might. she did want me to go to Disney land because I'm 16 almost 17 and I've never been to Disneyland. but this looks more fun

  2. my school gets to go there from 4pm-1am. bc we have a special pass for when it's closed. so it's just gonna be a while bunch of 8th graders there from different countries in Florida which is awesome

  3. The camera work on this, and all DIS videos is: incredible! The entire crew could teach a workshop on camera tech. Always super impressive video work. When these workshops begin, I hope I can be in the first graduating class. Inspiring, thanks to all at the DIS!

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