2017 Ford GT Review | The 1st Real Owner Test Drive & Review on the Open Road!

Entrepreneur, Automotive Enthusiast and Ford GT Owner Andy Frisella takes you for a ride in his brand new 2017 Ford GT. This is the very first owner road-driven review of the 2017 Ford…

by Andy Frisella

For every vehicle enthusiast, this video was spotted today by our team and has received a  number of likes! We hope you like it, as much as we do!

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35 thoughts on “2017 Ford GT Review | The 1st Real Owner Test Drive & Review on the Open Road!”

  1. I love it. Some kid is going to see this video today, then stumble onto your podcast, then start working on something, then buy this car after 20 years of putting in the work. Thanks for fueling the fire.

  2. The car looks great… think Ford wanted to assure the blessed few to own one had drank the cool-aid before giving them the car. I’m under the impression that luggage space is nonexistent. Well except enough room for two helmets. $500,000 buys a lot of fast, exclusive sex on wheels. I’m not sure how it all stacks up in the end.

  3. Please don't say the same things over and over and over. Next time, please share with Us some of the cool details Bernardo taught You, the 1st real owner…REAL insider shit. First video I've seen of yours; subbed. Help me live through You.

  4. Ok watching this and the first three adds were parking the ford and the woman says “can you fit in there”? My first thought was yeah baby its gonna fit ok, lol. I just had to comment on that. Thanks for this great video. Ive watched hours of footage about this car. Watched the races it was in. I’m having a hard time seeing any other car as “attractive” anymore. Except maybe the mustang. But man you have sold me on its amazingness. In fact of all the videos ive seen on it it’s the owners who are totally thrilled with it. The “reporters” always come up with some nit pick for it. The people who dont like it will say the teams sandbagged before and then turned it on in the LeMans. But that seems to me their admission of how over their heads this car really is. Im mean if you can hold back and still kick ass like they were isnt that way passed every one else. Just saying i love Fords they have always been my favorite make. Thanks again for this great vid.

  5. The color doesnt matter to me its the car. It looks amazing whatever color. So if could have one I’d have it the color of the Lemans winning car and the same number. I dont ask for much, lol.

  6. .Your rich boy fat tits are bigger than your gold digging girlfriends. I may drive a $25000 vehicle, but the hotties I bang want me because of me, not my money. And fake tits are nasty, too. Hate rich people.

  7. The car was designed with Le Mans in mind from the get go whereas the rest of the GT Pro class is road cars that have been changed to meet the regulations. In that sense it is the closest road car you can get to a GT class racer. It has a V6 TT because of weight and regulations that mean GT Le Mans cars don't have much HP. You want tonnes of power don't go for a car built for Le Mans. I love it personally!!!

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