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46 thoughts on “2017 Fiat Tipo hatchback review – Carbuyer”

  1. I got the chance to get close and personal with the Fiat Tipo… unfortunately… At my second job, which consists of me driving cars about. Some old, some new. Some as exclusive as a Bentley Bentayga , some even drearier than the new Tipo. But anyway, back to the car.
    The steering feels too soft and weird. All engines sound terrible from the outside and less terrible from the inside. The diesel engine does have some kick, but it's let down by the terrible gearbox.Most of the Tipos I drove would grind when selecting reverse, unless you went through first, first and then go into reverse… No other car I've driven does this. The automatics aren't better either… Expect jerky shifting and hesitation in a Tipo automatic. Then we have the very cheap interior. The only good bits are the climate control and the expensive infotainment system with the big screen. The rest of it is garbage!

    Also what car in 2017 doesn't have electric folding mirrors?! My 2005 Mercedes has those and they are even heated! And finally we have the steering wheel buttons that are on the back side of the steering wheel… No they are not to change gear in the automatic, they adjust the radio… Only part is that they are not labeled and even if they were, you can't see what button does what. So you have to memorize their function.

    Verdict: For the money you spend on a new Fiat Tipo, you could buy a selection of low-mileage 4-door cars. Ranging from a Ford Focus, to a BMW 530i… All better, all cheaper and all more fun.

  2. I'm so pissed that the 1.4 tjet 150 hp isn't offered again. The bravo had it, why didnt they just carry it over like they did with the 120 horse tjet and the 95 1.4. Why Fiat, just why?????

  3. I hired a new 2017 1.6 diesel Tipo for a week, and I was actually really impressed with it. Much prefer it to my Cooper and 08 Focus. The ride was fairly quiet and comfortable. The sat nav was decent, and I especially liked that it updated the speed limit on the go and had live functions. The touch screen was easy to navigate to change radio station. The seats were comfortable – which is very important to me as I have back issues. I didn't even have a problem with the gearbox, which I thought was quite smooth. I think I'll be picking one of these up as my next car…. I covered 180 miles and only used 4 fuel pips on the fuel gauge.

  4. That interior is dreary, but also another point is to be raised. Why do new cars these days, go in for black cloth in abundance? It's not even soft to the touch, but instead it's coarse polyester. no doubt for stain resistant puposes.

    I miss velour. Bring back soft velour. And also lighter shades so there is more contrast in the interior colour scheme.

  5. But the Focus is cornering so good when You are on the way to holiday with Your family and with only one bag in the boot!!! And when You are so egoistic, of course it is Your bag… 🙂 😛 . The main thing is, Tipo is family Hatchback, and Focus not..

  6. Many people incl me consider 13000 for a basic car a lot of money considering they are produced in large numbers.. Kia have at least 7 year warranty. Fiat has a long history of using cheap plastics and it wasnt a big problem 10 years ago but drivers now expect better plastics, and a decent size info screen… personally I dont like central info screens because there is too much in one place and therefore distracting and slow to operate.. and prefer my own choice of Sat Nav..older volvos got the interior correct eg older xc90 before going in this direction…dash multi displays are better but flawed if they did fail… what I see wrong in modern cars is on top dadh storage has now gone.. the old Austin Montego had a flat pass side dash surface with rubber mat the old Ford Escort had a container in the dash… Volvo had removable central bins…

  7. This is one of a poor review. The FIAT Tipo/Egea is the cheapest car in its class. The multijet Diesel engines are known for their reliability and economy. Plus, 7'' touch screen with apple car play/android mirroring is optional. The car looks pretty good and the inside is user friendly. So sod of you otter.

  8. looks tremendous… full marks to styling.. fiat has really done nice homework for this machine.. if fiat comes with the same machine to india then tht's definitely a threat to it's rival…

  9. This car is made in Turkey and was supposed to be cheap but i am disappointing by the price cause in my country it is priced higher then Peugeot 308, Citroen C4 and similar to Focus, Astra and Golf.
    Also Tipo design is sub-par to these cars too so Tipo is not option for me.

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