2017 Ferrari SF70-H vs Mercedes W08 – Comparison on track – F1 tests Montmelò

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31 thoughts on “2017 Ferrari SF70-H vs Mercedes W08 – Comparison on track – F1 tests Montmelò”

  1. the ferrari seems to be on rails, especially on the chicane, and the pilot does not seem to raise too much the accelerator, on the other hand feels as hoarse is the Ferrari engine in acceleration allowing not to give power oversteer !! Great to hear this beautiful car Ferrari

  2. from the different videos ive seen, the ferrari seems most consistent, wondering if merc had the brake vents set up wring, and the locking up is being caused by low brake temps and not fuel loads? Seems like merc will have a fight on their hands this year, at last! Cant wait to see what kimi, Vettel and Max can do

  3. Well, the Mercedes car cannot yet run on full power mode due to difficulties, whereas the Ferrari can. I can't see any difference from video but Mercedes will for sure be much faster if it is true that they are not yet running on full engine power.

  4. The Ferrari clearly "looks" quicker in the corners, and it did clock the faster lap time in pre-season testing and it wasn't even on the ultra soft tire. Hopefully this will translate into success during the regular season!

  5. I really want to see Ferrari do some damage this year, but I fear that the fact Mercedes PU is admittedly not running full spec and all the on boards appear to show less aggressive setup and driving than the Ferrari.

  6. Italiansupercarvideo: sbaglio o la Ferrari rallenta appositamente nel terzo settore? E poi in uscita dalla chicane la Mercedes mi sembra più scomposta….e in generale la Ferrari mi dà l'impressione di una lieve ma comunque maggiore stabilità, si scompone un pochino meno rispetto a Mercedes… dall'altra parte, nonostante la grande affidabilità Ferrari con la PU, il motore Mercedes sembra avere ancora qualcosa in più come potenza…

  7. not one of them cars where showing what they really can do..There is still so much for them to do.
    wont no till the 1st race. i really hope there is 4 to 5 teams in the fight i hate just 1 or 2 teams going for it.
    if the 1st 3 races are won by the same team that,s it for me im done with the sport.
    motogp will end up make show of this sport as it has for the last yr,s

  8. Gosh I really cannot stand all you new twitter head fans ala facebook gen young or old.
    Little girls and and I don't know what they are but absolutely not gearheads at all, people with just about a big fat 0 skills and do not even comprehend internal combustion but hey they know how to spell Hamilton (or any other name) and they know how to wave a flag and call it their "sport", lol. Yeah sure it's partly a sport but first and foremost it's RACING, period! Just like MMA (not the UFC that´s just another organization and not a sport or anything like that) today is called sport by the same type of "fan", the soul of fighting is being killed and the fighter replaced by athletes weighing every pee in every meal just before the third visit to the physician for the day, bahhaa.. I don´t mind woman who loves racing or even feminine guys into it, not one bit just don´t wave that flag to hard, unless of course you can answer all those combustion questions in real time without "wikipedia" them first cause nothing like seeing copy/paste pushed as personal level online when you clearly can find the same sentences in about 3 sec, sorry about the rant just cannot stand plastic fantastic and general fakeness from people who just want to a part of a team and self identify as a winner online after each race. Life must truly suck..

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