2017 Ducati Supersport | First Ride

Subscribe for weekly videos every TUESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY! Ducati says it’s a road bike first and foremost. Let’s see if this bike, that’s made for the city streets is as good as it should…

by chaseontwowheels

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45 thoughts on “2017 Ducati Supersport | First Ride”

  1. Chase, sense you moved into this sporttour segment can you do the z1000sx ninja 1000. I've really thought about a purchase and I really enjoy your reviews, and it might give me a better insight.

  2. Test rode it today. I liked it. I didn't feel like I was going to stall it. Only needed second and third on back roads. It shook quite a bit at higher rpms. But the dealer says it smoothes out again around 7000. Handled nice. Comfy which was the point.

  3. I own a 2002 Ducati Sport 750. I am in the market for a second bike and had been torn between the monsters, the Panigale 959 and the new supersport. Because of Chase's rider review of the 2017 Ducati SS I now know what I want to buy. Thanks Chase!

  4. Chase, I’m trying to choose between a SS-S and a KTM SuperDuke R do you have any thoughts other bike suggestions. They’re $22k for the S in Australia.

  5. you know a bike is good when in the beginning of review. he didn't like it and after ridding it. he gives it the highest score. must buy for me. the supersport S though.

  6. I've watched a lot of your videos, like your take & style. However, you are reviewing a Ducati. Ducati's have been historically bikes with "character" that's the Ducati charm. It's not a sewing machine like a Japanese bike. I owned the predecessor of this bike. A 2003 SuperSport 1000DS, last of the air-cooled Desmos. This bike seems to be a true Ducati.

  7. It's the bike I have been waiting for. 100HP upright sportbike with serious brakes and suspension. But WHY is it Italian?! The expensive maintenance ruins it. 🙁

  8. I probably watched this video ten times before I bought my SuperSport.

    I love love LOVE this bike! Over 1100 miles and counting over a six week period.

    One thing to note: insurance for this bike is NOT cheap right now. I'm paying well over double what I was for my '15 Monster 821, even though it's essentially the same bike with fairings and a bored-out engine.

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