2017 Dodge Challenger GT AWD: Everything You Wanted To Know in the Snow

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Author : The Fast Lane Car
2017 Dodge Challenger GT AWD: Everything You Wanted To Know in the Snow. You get all the details, including price and MPG. ( http://www.patreon.com/tflcar ) …


30 thoughts on “2017 Dodge Challenger GT AWD: Everything You Wanted To Know in the Snow”

  1. Lol. If they don't add a V8 option this car going to fail. no doubt. 38k and no v8? i could get a lancer evo awd for 34k. if this car can't compete with that then this car is going no where.

  2. any middle class guy that wants this car would never drive it in the winter. Idc if it's AWD or not. stupid fucking idea. being from NY no one is going to throw 40k away on a new car to drive it in the snow and salt and ruin everything under it. leave it to dodge to come up with a retard plan just like ford and the aluminum body

  3. Well, there is a big market for V6 muscle cars, Dodge just want to attract more market and customers, you can see Mustang and Camaro everyday, but not challenger. You can get a all new Mustang GT with the price of a Challenger SXT Plus.

  4. FCA, get off the potty and build a real Challenger with AWD and maybe attempt an AWD, 4-wheel steering. Then they can change the $100k mark too. Remember, FCA claims that they cant tell the dealers what to charge, so it will be about $40 over MSRP.

  5. i`ve seen mustangs in the snow..they suck…you cant get anywhere..usually only one wheel spinning…so this is really cool if you have this car for a daily driver you can even go out in the snow

  6. It would appear to be similar to the A.M.C. / MOPAR Eagle system 1981 – 87.

    Except instead of being driver controlled, it's computer controlled.

    I hope the driver gets an indicator light to signal when the car is in ALL Wheel Drive !

  7. everyone crying for a hemi , you probably couldn't even put down all 385 hp in the snow anyways , 305hp will get you where you need to go just fineand still get 20+ mpg

  8. This isn't clearly a biased test for dodge, I mean come on, Dodge supplied all the cars, and they housed it on snowy roads and conditions, and they gave you the AWD Challenger…Kinda makes you wanna barf right?

  9. If you're thinking of buying this ''muscle coupe'' don't do it. Save yourself the trouble: buy an audi TT, admit to your wife the you're gay and move to LA to be a hairdresser. You'll be much happier.

  10. This car is perfectly aimed for women driving in the north who like large 2 door cars… if you're a man who wants 2 doors buy a regular cab ram 2500 4×4 Cummins.

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