2017 Bullet Journal Setup & Flip Through | How to Bullet Journal | Miss Louie

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Author : Miss Louie
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27 thoughts on “2017 Bullet Journal Setup & Flip Through | How to Bullet Journal | Miss Louie”

  1. I am a little new to BuJo, and just kind of dove in, but I have not managed to put it to the best use yet. I can't seem to get into the routine or how to use it on a daily/weekly basis. How often do you work in your journal? How do you schedule the time? What is your routine? (This was a great first video, I must say, and very helpful.)

  2. I never had a bullet journal before but after watching this, I really want to start one. I thought the video was over as soon as I saw your list on the post-it… but as soon as you turned to the January calendar, I said "OH MY GOD!" I just felt like this was so inspiring and I love all your layouts and how organize you are. This is beautiful.

  3. This was very helpful! Thank you for sharing! I love fitness blender on you tube for workout videos – they have hundreds and they are free and everything you can imagine and different times – I'm sure you will find workouts you love there! Thanks again for sharing your journal – and your writing is amazing in it!

  4. Wow great ideas! Im wondering how you made sure your calendar boxes and lines even your layout were all straight and lined up correctly? Is it simple a ruler or do you have any ideas, suggestions??

  5. anyone else realise how in the birthday collections, she starts with abbreviations (jan/feb) and finsihes with the full legnth words (november december) i do that too lol

  6. Okay, this is one of the best videos on bullet journaling I've seen so far, now i can finally start after being overwhelmed the past few days by various videos on the topic. Thank you so much, especially love the structure of the video.

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    I don't know if they're water or alcohol-based, but they don't smear or get washed out even if the paper is drenched in water. I highly recommend them. Plus, the ink isn't too runny or dry and they have beautiful ink colors!

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