31 thoughts on “2017 Budget $350 Gaming PC!”

  1. For those who doubt the use of a dual core in this system, consider this. The budget is $350, yes spending more money will allow you to get a i3 chips for better, obviously. Used hardware is a way to go as well, but doing a used hardware build makes an unattainable PC for everyone due to different prices , and well we wanted to go with all new hardware.

    Just watch this video by another fellow creator as he explains the value of dual cores specifically the g4400. With an upgrade path to an i5, at a entry price point of $350 with all new hardware and manufacture warranties, its a great value.


    PS: Yes the new Pentium is coming out, but also consider that its on the same socket, just swap the g4400 for that one and you are good to go.

  2. Just bought this case and a H81m msi motherboard. I was able to get donated a HP with an i7. Found a good deal on a graphics card and power supply. Im building my first PC and will hopefully make a video of it. Thanks for the video, and nice work with the cable management. It looks really nice!

  3. How well does it handle the newer triple a games? I'm looking at a couple builds and I want to have a pc that can handle some really heavy games with little to no lag or other issues. And what OS do you recommend for a pc build

  4. could a build like this work for Total War games? I feel like with how many unit models going at once during play the FPS will drop drastically. Maybe I am wrong. anyone have any ideas?

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