1. is it also possible that the tobacco industry is used to get rid of the chemicals too and that is why there are heavy metals in tobacco too?, pretty sure they don't grow with those in there.

  2. They say that the western world is free. How free are we if we cannot choose what gets put into our drinking water? Basically, the government is in charge of what we put into our bodies. This reinforces the fact that this notion of freedom is only an illusion and we are no more free than a bird in a cage.

  3. Same thing here in Australia. We heavily flouridate all of our drinking water. This film is just as applicable to all Australians. Wake up people! I can't believe Australians are such a passive bunch. Anything can pass in Australia.

  4. Fluoride has nothing over Fukushima's Ever flowing radiation. Death Date slated for 2030. I believe our existence will be a lot shorter. I have well and spring water, that'll be radiated soon enough if not already! It's 2/18/17, It's not looking good on the planet!

  5. As long as legal loopholes allow lobbyist gangsters to manipulate the government, regulatory agencies are almost powerless and in constant conflicts of interest. The cleanup has to begin with the crooks on K Street.

  6. people…stop your bullshit protesting…black lives matters…or whatever your cause is…stop this fluoride shit…start blocking traffic to these places…wake up assholes

  7. What in THE HELL are authorities in this country doing dumping ANYTHING that is toxic waste made in another country, in the water supply of its citizens. By getting it overseas, they certainly escape any direct liability and culpability by doing so, don't they? If people start to get sick, they can just say, "Well, we just did not know this stuff was contaminated (it is nothing but a contaminant). It came from China, so how were we to know it would kill Americans?" Unbelievable. SMH

  8. if really HELL exists Its exist for who mix fluoride and other chemical our drinking water.. Don't for get Lithium right now they adding Lithium too… This world has so much evilness .. SO MUCH!!!

  9. This morning I met a man and we had an interesting conversation we briefly talked about how he is the middleman for fluoride coming into the US from China and other countries It blows me away after watching this video probably three days ago he's been in this business for years to me I wonder if there's an emotional attachment at all what is happening throughout the USA to me I worry about a middleman working for himself only looking to profit himself no respect for our society

  10. Know what really tastes bad…..nuclear waste water. In 5th grade when we were stuck in Barnwell SC, we had to injest water that had the nuke plant leaking into it. The plant said to just boil the water. My folks couldn't afford bottle water. When the water was faint yellow like parchment, it tasted really bad and smelled like a room full of perms and wet dogs combo. When the water was a faint aqua color, it didn't smell as strong, or taste as bad. Either way it caused the runs, hair falling out, and when you had to heal a sore, the skin would stay mushy and not want to connect. Years later, I'm okay, but my brother is sterile.

  11. It is like loading a pistol with 6 bullets. and pointing at the target..for 40 years.
    One day it may be necessary to pull the trigger when the time is right to obliterate the whole population. Talk about a eugenics ? Oops sorry . Made a mistake and killed the whole city.

  12. I am delighted to have received this important video. We have 71% compulsory artificial water fluoridation in Ireland and many people don't know this. It began in 1965 officially and sadly we are ingesting industrial grade, contaminated and unlicensed toxic chemicals in our tap water since that time. A doctor could not do what the 1960 Irish fluoridation law is doing to its population and that is wrong. When a law is unsound, it has to stop and be repealed. I see this happening in Ireland in the future. I see a day when the artificial water fluoridation tap which adds 730,000 gallons a year to Ireland's public water pipe network, will be switched off, and our people, animals, fish, aquatic life, and ecosystem will get a break from this unconscionable toxic burden policy which is over 50 years too long. fluoridefreewaterireland

  13. Nobody wants to drink water from tap,.its gross..I boil water for my cat..put it away for few days,.Make new stuff..But long ago knew water is bad, and dangerous..Hard to find good food,.

  14. Nothing will happen. This will not change. The powers that be are trying
    to keep us sick to give us medications. This makes the medical system
    legit. And if they do stop this fluoride they would just do something
    different to make us sick. Endless cycle.

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