6 thoughts on “2017 AMA Supercross RD 6 450 Main Event”

  1. Happy for Musqin. Nice guy. He earned it and deserved it. I really believe if Webb's tire hadn't gone flat he would've battled Musqin for that win. Maybe he coulda won. Maybe not. Webb getting strong though. Look for Webb to get a win or two or three before it's over. Title will be Dungey's again though if I were betting. He'll rip when he needs to.

  2. Cheeky Challer Dungy lucky? are you a retard fuck? only won because other riders were hurt? that's the point other riders couldent remain consistent and stay on their bike like dungey and mostly everyone that tried to catch him crashed but its not like the race is handed to dungey he still has to go out and ride the full main and get on the podium for the win to happen so I don't know what your watching but get off the nuts of your so called other riders that are better than dungey because nobody yet sence the end of 2014 has proven they can match his consistency so learn about who your talking about before you make retard comments and im not saying dungey is the best fastest or flashiest rider but he is the most consistent which diserves him his championships so right now yeah dungey is the best until someone proves me rong and knocks him out of title contention which I don't see happening considering he always runs in the top 5 no matter who is out there and if another rider has mechanical issues as u put it that's not dungeys fault nor his problem it seems everyone has a problem whenever they chase dungey so nothing new there what other bs u got to say?

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