29 thoughts on “2017 Airstream Basecamp”

  1. Two feature BaseCamp has that I really like are 18" wheels/tires & TRUMA Combi (tankless hot water heater) & forced air heater combined into one unit.

    I sure wish the Scout 16J had these same two features.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video, you showed almost everything. 18" tires, skid plates, this trailer look like it is has the Airstream Quality & thoughtful design.

    Can't believe you made absolutely no mention of TRUMA (Forced Air Heater/Hot Water Combo). it's as though you don't even know what makes TRUMA superior. This is the ONLY model with TRUMA in the Airstream line. TRUMA probably adds $1,800+ for just this feature & you said NOTHING. TRUMA is featured in several Winnebago motohomes.

    IF I was selling Airstreams, I'd talk endlessly about Truma & that THIS feature alone is a good reason to buy BaseCamp. You should have shown & explained WHY the TRUMA is such an IMPROVEMENT over the conventional/separate HWH & Forced air heaters found in all the other Airstreams, in all other manufactures Travel Trailers.

    In fact, you should completely re-do this video & included detailed info as to WHY TRUMA is SUPERIOR to other systems.

     It has EVERYTHING one person could want. I can see myself being comfortable for a month at a time when pulled by a 2500 Cargo van which I'd need to store "stuff" when there isn't space in the Trailer.

    That BIG wrap around window is nice in nice weather. I can see the window being a problem in COLD weather. Anyone is going to have to figure out a way to reduce heat loss through that window in COLD weather.

    Are the water pipes copper or plastic?

    Sadly, EVERYONE who complains about the price has nothing to say about a competitive product that has what BaseCamp has. C'mon, tell me, specifically WHAT would you buy (Mfg/Model) in preference to BaseCamp & WHY? Casita, CampLite? In my mind/opinion, there is NOTHING on the market that is comparable to BaseCamp especially when you consider Parts availability & Dealer SERVICE in more cities than any other manufacturer. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. $40,000 seems about right to MEeee.

    Bellyaching about price & NOT suggesting an alternative Trailer….is a CHEAP SHOT

  3. I thought you were far more entertaining than some of the other videos I've seen. I'm sup.er excited to see it back with a bath. I'm not too keen on the padding for the bed. Want to compare to the sport for best family

  4. Seems like the common consensus is that this trailer is overpriced. Are any of the dealers reaching out to the Airstream people to see about re-adjusting the base MSRP or is that set in stone? I would pay up to 30k for one of these but 40 is pushing it. Thoughts?

  5. As a potential buyer, it would have been better to see the full length video (not sped up) to see exactly how long it takes to set up the awning and the bed. I checked out a 2017 Basecamp a few weeks ago and was really concerned with the amount of time it looked like it would take to set up the tents and the bed.

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