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Tesla Germany gave me the chance to spend a few days in their top of the range Model S, a fully loaded P90D with 539 hp and the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade. Here’s my indepth road test on the autobahn, the beautiful city of Heidelberg and my favourite driving road…

I created this video and I own all rights to all content in this video !

Music used: Ballroom Memoirs by Per Kiilstofte

Ballroom Memoirs

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“Stormfront” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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‘ Efface ‘ by Silence : https://www.jamendo.com/track/5343/efface?language=de


26 thoughts on “‘ 2016 TESLA Model S P90D ‘ Test Drive & Review /// Autobahn / City / Country /// – TheGetawayer”

  1. This is an awesome video, 😀 Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

  2. Welcome to German accent 😀
    Wenn du mal ne richtig freie Strecke brauchst, kann ich die A27 und große Teile der A9 empfehlen. Hier im Süden geht einfach so gar nichts auf der Bahn…

  3. I just watched the video up to the point when the guy was driving IN THE RAIN at 245 km/h. Then I thought to myself "well, what an idiot!…" and closed the video.

  4. You know whats funny, most all OIL RIGS run soley on Electric motors. Only different is they have to have Large diesel Generators to pruduce the necessary current to run them. Much like a Train does.

  5. It is something beautiful to me. The style and the simplicity. The fact that it isn't same old fossil fuel is the most beautiful thing of all, can you imagen not having wars for oil? Not being under the thumb of oil titans gives me a feeling like a whole new energy literally :), Progression, and finally friendly to our home , this planet. I could fall in Love with tesla , yes yes!

  6. Getawayer,mal ne Frage…Bruder aht sich nen 911er zugelegt und sind damit auf die Bahn..ähnlicher Regen wie bei deiner Ausfahrt, 2 spurig,aber mit MASSIVEN Bergschäden (NRW)… dazu extrem kurvig…mir wurde bei 270 schon arg mulmig und hab Bruderherz gebeten mal langsamer zu machen…Karre ist über die Bergschäden schon fast abgehoben.. wohl eindeutig schon lebensgefährlich, oder?
    muss sagen, fahr selber gerne schneller, aber hier war das Imponiergehabe wohl zuviel des Guten, oder schätz ich das falsch ein?
    edit- zu 99% "80 bei Nässe" Zone… krass, oder?

  7. This sums up the Model S perfectly, at last some one who has tried the cars dynamics rather than banging on about CO2. We all know its CO2 is very very low and getting lower all the time and give me another solution, see were done.
    Completely true if you want sustained 150kmph speeds this is not the cars operational area but for everything else the Model S is way better than an ICE car.
    Its general responsiveness and 0-100 kmph performance is unreal and has to be tried to be believed, Im biased I run a P85 wont be going backwards to ICE ever again.

  8. Yesterday I drove a Model S and it was a mind blowing experience. Its as you said even at low Speed in the City. Reasently I saw a Lambo in a 30 kmh Zone in the city and that looks and especially sounds silly. The Tesla is in the City like a flying carpet. I found it a very special experience!

  9. Thanks for the fun review! Completely agree. It feels as if the internal combustion engine is dead after driving this car. It handles great. Interior and exterior is still it quite in the level of, say, an S-class but the overall package is incredibly impressive. The first car (certainly saloon) that I've thought of could be as much fun as a 911 in its own way!

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