27 thoughts on “2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S, real-world drive review”

  1. Another good and interesting review, I prefer to watch this compared to the usual car web/magazine reviews.  Have you ever driven a Cayman 981 or 987 or GTS, I think you might be surprised how much better they are than any base 911 or 911 s.

  2. in all honesty, you should get an invite to host the top gear, harry. not that you can't go about without it. you have that insight, class combination that even the old trio lacked.

  3. Why is so many people hating on the turbos? Ive wanted a Porsche 911 turbo my whole life. Now i can just get the base 911! My goal just got more achievable. Remember these are last gen gt3 fast! and tuneable if you need more punch. (I wont).

  4. Sounds better than their original turbo models.Love the 991 styling.with a tune I am sure it will be able to put out bonkers numbersI think the turbo models will be even a harder sell now, despite their displacement advantage which really means nothing when turbo charging is involved.Porsche are overdoing it with the pricing though.Porsche has mastered the ass engine, they could put an elephant behind  the rear axle and still make the car handle.

  5. No more "normally aspirated" 911's??? How about the GT3, GT3 RS/911 R ? :)But, there should be an "affordable nat aspir 911" out there too maybe priced under the 911 Carrera 4s…But I love the 2016-20`7 911 Carrera S. Favourite 911 because it's enough 911 for most of us (no competitive race experience/skill and will never drive on a track/Autobahn).

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