2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S: Have Turbos Killed The Magic? – Carfection

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Porsche’s gone turbo on the 911, so we thought it was best to have a look to see how much the iconic car has changed with a new, forced induced heart.

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48 thoughts on “2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S: Have Turbos Killed The Magic? – Carfection”

  1. I find it to be a paradox that it was very desirable to have turbo oh top-of-the-line models, but it's shocking to get turbo on entry level models. Give me a break. It's like complaining about 1987 Carrera 3.2 having a turbo charger, that would have been a bonus, no? On the other hand, Carrera 3.2 looks sweet too without all the fender flares and big wing; okay, so maybe I begin to understand why turbo might not be desirable in entry level models.

  2. "and you still can have a bit of fun with it" … telling I think WHY make an inferior driver's car – no-one is really pressing Porsche to adopt tiny twin turbos in the Carrera at all … can we all just feed back we do NOT want Porsche to dilute their cars (from a quiet voice speaking in the wilderness)

  3. Porsche has lost their way – they need to look back at the 356 and first gen 911 – hopefully light weight, natural aspiration and simplicity will come to mind and the will build a drivers car again. Not R2D2 on wheels.

  4. The 991.5 is a prelude for Porsche's line of Hybrids which will be on all future 911's once this initial testing is complete. Imagine the turbos being replaced by hybrid generators. The last 911 100% petrol versions are now complete. The new era of 911's is here.

  5. This is one beautiful interior, I got to say. No problem with the turbo for me, modern cars just have turbos. They dont have lags anymore and they don't rev like the average 1.6L TDI Jetta.

  6. The trick is to listen to the people who buy Porsches, not 14 yo dumbasses on the internet… for example, everybody will tell you the 996 is the most-unloved 911 ever – which is a strange thing to say, since it is the best-selling 911 ever… so yeah, I'd take it.

  7. I keep seeing these vids of people praising the new turbo-not turbo Porsche's- power. I haven't seen anyone talk about the one question that used to be number one with turbo car tests. What about turbo lag? Is the power linear? How does it really compare with a proper engine (yes I'm not a fan of turbos)?

  8. The 911 represents the pure "drivers' car". Every little change they make makes it a little bit less pure. Wow, I just felt a little bit like Hitler.

    Anyway, if Europe is so concerned about meeting emissions quotas and blah blah, they should try to make tankers, factories, buildings cleaner, not cars. Because, and this is one of my favorite stats ever, the largest 15-16 tankers in the world create the same amount of pollution as *all the cars in the world*. Wrap your head around that. I did, and I'm angry that the new 911 is turbo charged.

    Edit: I just found this channel I love it so far. Thank you.

  9. Emissions regulations are making all manufacturer's go to turbocharging to allow their product's to meet so called emission standards. What a pile of shit, oil companies don't want cars becoming to fuel efficient that is the prime reason.

  10. It had to stay naturally aspirated, no matter how good this is. It's an old recipe that does not have to change, but only evolve. There are other cars in Porsche's line if someone wants a turbo. They could have just brought back a GT2 line up to spice things up for rear wheel drive only enthusiasts.

  11. GT3 seem to be the 991 to buy or the RS of course hence the premium on them now days.
    991 has gone too soft and touring now days hence why i am choosing a m3

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