2016 Makeup Collection ||ashtagmakeuplove

Happy New Year loves!! Let’s kick off 2016 with an updated Makeup Collection!!!
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-Ikea Micke http://goo.gl/vG3lJl
-Ikea Micke Single http://goo.gl/FrhNVO
-Ikea Lack Shelves http://goo.gl/NDSgzd
-Ikea Alex 6 drawers http://goo.gl/rIvqhD
-Ikea Alex 9 drawers http://goo.gl/psNKR1
-Vanity Girl Hollywood Mirror http://goo.gl/ItMRYF
*Majority of Decor is from Target & Home Goods
-Makeup Organizers? Check out my Makeup Storage & Organization video:

-Sonny Cosmetics Compact Organizer http://sonnycosmetics.com/


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21 thoughts on “2016 Makeup Collection ||ashtagmakeuplove”

  1. The organisation makes me so happy! Especially the eyeliner drawer! I would totally organise my makeup like this but I don't have enough space :(

  2. Love the way everything is organized! Just wondering if you have noticed any weight issues or anything with having the ALEX drawers stacked on eachother? I have one but was going to get another to expand and better organize, and stacking would save so much space but I was worried stacking them would ruin their structural integrity? 

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