2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R takes on superbike rivals| Group Tests | Motorcyclenews.com

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20 thoughts on “2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R takes on superbike rivals| Group Tests | Motorcyclenews.com”

  1. The power these bikes put the the rear wheel is insane! Just 10 years ago the liter bikes couldn't even put down 185 to the rear wheel with full exhaust, intake, and tune let alone 196 that the duc and the bmw throw down. Crazy shit

  2. How much others pay to say so many stupid things about new zx10r pluss just look who ride that bike ridding style was OMG… And hell yea 2sec slower haha right…. I have this bike first time in my life on kawa, and those ppl told u shit trust me… And after all ducati omg this is not 1000cc bike at all and still it's a damn shit… Some ppl are so funny like those who tested those bikes lol

  3. I've road most of the bikes here thanks to friends and colleagues being very generous and trusting to be honest they all feel exactly the same.99% of the riders out their who own these bikes will never have the skill ability or balls to take these bikes anywhere near their limits,Only then you can feel the difference in the minutely different performance characteristics.That goes for me as well.

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