30 thoughts on “2016 IS STRANGE Part 12 // APRIL – MAY”

  1. My Sincere blessings to the whole of California.We CANNOT imagine what you are going through x I speak on behalf of every one in the U. K. ( Shame on the British Media on T.V for only covering this nightmare very briefly. We hardly heard about it here!)
    Peace, love,and healing to all of you affected. xxx

  2. This is caused by the governments allowing with out our consent as a nation ,to destroy as many homes and land ,food sauces,by geo-engineering war-fare. To drive the people into their concentration camps name to FEMA!!!!!!!

  3. oil companies started the fire to get a hold of all the oil they could not before because the town was in the way… well not anymore.. mark my words they will be in there in the next couple years to get that oil.

  4. "Land Available" this they continue to say. Rome, these have pillaged plundered murdered physically raped indigenous men women boys & girls. These who promote genocide, standing tall in pride. There is no "Land Available" for it ALL belongs to the Most High Yahuah and it is being taken back & everything will die in the wake. Selah.

  5. Added to this shit is the radiation from fukashima and many other leaking plants, that is making everywhere and everything hotter. Key issues right now

  6. Isiah 66:16, brings out the day of Jehovah's fury and judgement upon the wicked. But we're actually dealing with natural disasters and the effects of the global warming. Yellowstone might erupt.

  7. the Valley of the Shadow of Death… the Dark Rift… The Valley of the Shadow of Death… the Dark Rift. The Super Massive Black Hole. The Sun. The Lens . The Alignment… The Gravity. .. Repeating… The Tidal Lock.. Repeating… Viracocha.. The Mayans… The Rod and Staff.. the boundary.. 36 years… ending this year. Questions?

  8. I understand people have no where to go, But they need to evacuate cause their lungs are inhaling the invisible smoke. I see card are driving around, people are recording and everybody is too damn close.

  9. we lost so much in the kamiah fires 90 homes and 95 out buildings and 3 lives doesnt sound likea lot but when you have less than 3000 people in your community its devistating. I have family that are in Alberta. SIGH!!! It never ends. There are docs out there that show the fires are on purpose the whole NW is to be burned. GOD IS WATCHING!!!!!!!!!

  10. Good and bad things happen every year. You can't have one without the other. So what is with people that think that we are near the end? People that want the end because they are miserable, that's who. The truth is that it's the end for those people and they brought it on themselves with their own minds. Your misery is your own damn fault.

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