2016 Ford Everest/Endeavour Titanium v Toyota Prado VX off road comparison review

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOH9_fxlI9w — Watch the Ford Everest take on the Land Rover Discovery in our video review.

Toyota Prado — it’s a name synonymous with off-roading and, evidently, astronomical sales. Over 16,000 in 2014 to be exact, for a market share of a little over 15 per cent.

So, when Ford Australia announced that the Ranger-based Ford Everest would take on the Prado both in terms of price and off-road ability, we packed our camping gear and hit the bush for some proper off-road driving.

To put these vehicles into context, they are both ladder frame-based SUVs that are designed to carry seven people and offer class leading off-road capability. Pricing for the Prado starts at $52,990 for the five-seat GX and caps off at $84,490 for the top-specification seven-seat Kakadu.

The Everest on the other hand starts from $54,990 for the seven-seat Ambiente and finishes at $76,990 for the top-specification seven-seat Titanium.


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43 thoughts on “2016 Ford Everest/Endeavour Titanium v Toyota Prado VX off road comparison review”

  1. Here In India,Prado is almost Three times the price of Everest (Endeavour here)
    So they aren't even competitors.
    But undoubtedly Ford has invested a genuine engg. in this machine if it competes with the mighty prado.

  2. 0:26 "because it was designed here" are you stupid? .. Land Cruiser designed the whole 4×4 range for Australia and has and always will honour it's roots .. The Everest will never be more welcome than a piece of dog shit smeared on the carpet in Australia.

  3. Taking a risk driving the Ford Everest in the bush and remote areas with your family…real gamble!, and it may also cause a bush fire as well! May be just a suburban SUV.

  4. I wish we got the Everest back here in the U.S. Sadly, Ford won't bring it since it might take sales away from the Explorer or Expedition. Can you guys do a comparison test between Ford of America and Ford of Australia?? "Yankee Explorer or Aussie Everest? Which is Best?" I think that would be pretty sweet :D

  5. Don't really agree about the handling of the prado.
    We have one, and while the suspension is a bit soft, i think it actually handles better with a bit of a load in it. But it can easily manage 130km/h + on a 110 road. Also i have taken it to the limit of of the speedo 😛

    Its a great car

  6. People will continue to buy more Prados because it's not what it feels like on tarmac the day you buy it that counts. The Toyota won't slowly fall apart as you pile the miles on. I will NEVER own a Ford again. POS

  7. Ford is better than Toyota all day because in endeavour was best selling car and ford has heavy engines ford make big utes if we comparison to toyota utes it is not successful u can check in new zealand and australia and usa ford utes are best

  8. I see now Caradvice is sponsored by Ford. In every comparison you made, Ford is better vs every car you try… Is't ok, but it would be fair if you mark the video as PR. Otherwise you just cheat the watchers. You are discredited.

  9. Jeez, first time I have come across your reviews. For a comparison test between offloaded yours tests are a millions times better. You actually TEST the car off road. Most other people just drive on a normal dirt road, or worse, on some lawn LoL. I will have to subscribe….despite you lads being Aussies lol…. Greetings from a Saffa

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